Working @ BuSI

BuSIers – BuSI consultants’ nickname – are the heart of the company. BuSI consider that each of them plays a key role within the company, collaborating with the others, internally and externally.

BuSI offers the opportunity to collaborate in a flexible and dynamic structure, where regular incentives are organised so as to maintain a good team spirit.

Recruitment process

If the candidate application is positive, he will be invited to one or more interviews. The first interview will take place with HR.  If this first interview has a positive outcome, the candidate will be invited to a second interview with the Operation Manager and the concerned cell leader (BuSI consultant in charge of a competence center). This interview will allow the assessment of the technical skills. If the second outcome is positive, he will be invited to a meeting to finalise the recruitment process. Sometimes, if necessary, other interviews are planned before the finalisation of the process.


Career and Training plans are made on a yearly basis for each consultant by the HR and the Management together with the cell leaders.

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