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Information has now become a key to success for any business. However, obtaining relevant data in a short time frame can present a difficult challenge for any organisation, whatever its size.

Add large data volumes to the diversity of sources and the lack of structure or quality, and we quickly create a headache for the IT team.

Business Intelligence (BI) addresses this problem by organising, cleaning and modelling information so that it can be efficiently exploited. It also provides a range of techniques and tools to help make informed decisions.

When well implemented, it has been demonstrated that BI
can provide rapid and significant return on investment. This is why it has now become, according to Gartner, the no. 1 concern of CIOs.

BuSI, which has built its success on the quality of its IT services, is your partner for the development and maintenance of Business Intelligence solutions. With its BI competence centre, BuSI intends to affirm its position at the forefront of modernity in this rapidly changing industry.

To a high quality, flexible BI offer, BuSI can associate a range of services that enrich its added value for the client.

Service catalogue

The services offered by BuSI to support business intelligence requirements are:

BuSI integrates the most popular modelling methods (Kimball, Inmon) and has the knowledge required to implement the best platforms on the market (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, etc.)

Expert consultants certified in Microsoft SSIS ETL suites, SAS, SAP BODS, Talend and Informatica can be made available to the client.

With the capacity to adapt to a wide range of reporting requirements, the consultants at BuSI have significant experience with the following tools: SAP BO Web Intelligence and Dashboards, SAS Visual Analytics, Microsoft Excel / PowerPivot, QlikView and SpagoBI.

BuSI can help clients manage their metadata, and to build a repository of quality, non-redundant information.

The future of BI is already in the running, and BuSI aims to be a dominant player. In maintaining its innovation-oriented competence centre, BuSI can position itself as a reliable partner for any organisation wishing to exploit the increasing volume and diversity of information through Big Data Analytics.

Various collaboration frameworks can be proposed by BuSI:

Through comparative auditing, POC or management missions, BuSI can help clients find the most suitable solution for their organisation.
BuSI manages an internal pool of flexible and motivated consultants available to join customers for medium or long term missions. The BuSI network also comprises several high profile resources, capable of enriching customer teams with their expertise.
BuSI can also support projects end-to-end through its fixed price offer. This approach frees the client from the risk of project failure because BuSI guarantees the delivery of a product corresponding to their requirements within a predefined budget and time-frame.

From the full catalogue of services offered by BuSI and its competence centres, the core BI offer can be enriched through the addition of complementary elements. In particular the Functional Analysis and Testing offers, the latter specially adapted for Business Intelligence.

Our teams of consultants also master a wide range of programming languages. This allows the possibility of enhancing the provided solution with application development as well as web and mobile extensions.

Numerous BI projects fail because of inappropriate methods. BuSI attaches great importance to the methodological approach used on its projects, and its consultants are thoroughly trained in this area.

BuSI recommends regular process validation during Business Intelligence projects and therefore encourages the implementation of Agile.

With a view to ensuring a good understanding of the mechanisms of IT systems and project management, many consultants are additionally certified in methodologies such ITIL and Prince 2.

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