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Most of your business is supported by your IT platforms and applications. Your IT department is developing and maintaining them, but it has a cost. You need to constantly adapt to the technologies evolution and to the demand of your business. These are the problematic that you currently need to manage: teams capacity management, training, methodology, organization, knowledge management, office management and many others.

Do you have the time to focus on what really counts for a CIO: How must the enterprise architecture of my company develop to anticipate the need of my business?

On the other hand, you may have already started to externalize the development of some of your applications, but assessing the quality of the deliverables remains a problem. Costs and knowledge management have been transferred from development to testing activities.

Focus on the real added-value of your department: business analysis and architecture; and entrust the development of your applications to a partner that can take care of the design, the development and the testing thanks to a partnership that guarantees the independence of development and testing activities.

The software quality assurance service is applicable to several offers BuSI is developing:

  • Business applications analysis
  • Business applications development
  • Mobility application development
  • Business Intelligence

The software quality assurance service is developed on three aspects:

The basic test service is composed of six main activities: test strategy, test plan, system tests preparation, system tests execution, UAT support and after care support.

Other activities can be added on demand to align with your projects and organization, such as system integration tests and release integration tests, or non-regression packs delivery.

All the testing activities are performed in our testing lab. We can also, on demand, have the whole team or part of the team working in your office.

We use our own test tools that can also be deployed in your organization if requested. But we can also adapt to your tools for an integration in your systems.

This service is available for business intelligence offer only. We automate the verification of BI solutions in order to reduce test execution cycles and prevent non regression. Deployment and integration of the custom automation tool is an option.

The test project is composed of six main activities:

Based on the business requirements and the solution architecture, we will define a test strategy including a high level budget and planning.

This phase starts with the delivery of the functional design. We will perform a detailed review of the analysis in order to detect the most costly defects. A test plan will be prepared including the test scenarios, detailed planning and budget.

Once you have validated the test plan, we will prepare detailed test cases, scenarios and test data. For business intelligence projects the automation will also be prepared in this phase.
This phase starts once unit tests have been completed. It is managed with BuSI’s development teams.

We will provide your business team with all the necessary support during the acceptance phase to validate the product. We will also retest potential defects found by your teams.

Fix of production incident will be retested in our lab.

The sizing of the testing package depends on the number of applications to be verified and their functional complexity. Non regression packs and automated test suite can be chosen in option.

Each package contains at least the test strategy, test plan, test preparation, test execution, UAT support and after care phases.

  • Test strategy
  • Test plan
  • Test cases
  • Defects
  • Test summary report
  • Non regression pack (optional)
  • Automated test suite (optional)

All our team follows the ISTQB methodology, industry standard for testing activities.

In frame of the partnership between BuSI and Microsoft, our test team is used to Microsoft test tool: TFS, Test Manager and Visual Studio.

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