Optimize Applications Quality

Thanks to the BuSI and a research center partnership

Risk management by BuSI

Everybody in charge of business critical applications (CIO, development manager, application owner) must one day or another deal with its quality measurement; resilience, capacity to support change, robustness, performance are among the most stressing demands these people have to deal with everyday. Measuring to identify root causes of issues, objectivizing and controlling quality norms from outsourcers, identifying architecture defects preventing applications to support bigger usage and base-lining applications to allow externalization are real challenges for the IT management teams.

Have you ever faced situations where measuring software delivery quality is key? Ever wondered how good or risky is an application? Ever feeling nervous and stressed about the business consequences of IT failure? How would you feel with hundreds of end users blocked after a major software disruption?

To address these concerns, BuSI has develop a ‘software armed’ consulting offer to help you avoiding the worst while mitigating risks potentially caused by your applications portfolio and increasing productivity.

Because mastered software means strong business!


BuSI tooled service offer is gathered under the AOC terminology, that stands for ‘Application d’Origine Contrôlée’. It consists of an applications domain audit, based on a source code analysis by a specialized software and based on the expertise of senior consultants, capable of interpreting analysis metrics, in order to deliver an exhaustive report that will emphasize weaknesses and will propose solutions that meet goals of the quality initial needs.

BuSI and the AOC process

AOC process in 7 steps.

  1. Following a first contact and information sharing by the customer about the aimed applications and the type of requested report, the BuSI account executive will communicate on the according AOC price indication;
  2. This price will be confirmed by the AOC team, based on technical survey filled by the customer with BuSI support and analyzed by an expert;
  3. The AOC service offer will then be formalized and sent to the customer with the according NDA;
  4. The customer gives its written agreement and deliver the concerned application(s) source code;
  5. Each layer of the application will be analyzed as well as all in-between links. Dashboards are produced. Everything is done outside customer’s premises and using the best-in-class software;
  6. An expert will investigate and interpret the dashboards results, as well as writing an audit report;
  7. Report is delivered and agreed by customer during a presentation meeting.

Services catalog and packages

AOC offers depend on analyzed applications size and complexity, as well as on number of chosen options. The actual price will be based on a dully filled technical survey. Please find here below the indicative prices table, as well as possible options.


The standard audit study will be presented in a final report containing relevant technical metrics tables, as well as results interpretations, risky areas identifications, conclusions and recommendations…

Pledge of quality

The AOC offer is built on a close collaboration between BuSI and a research center, a well established and recognized center for IT research and innovation. This partnership guarantees HIGH QUALITY SERVICE and deliverables, as well as objectiveness and facts based approach. This research center is a respected and trustful referral organization in the quality domain, in both enterprise and academic worlds.

Capitalizing a strong and long experience in the overall software quality, in the technical debt and in the source code analysis, this research center can rely on an best-in-class evaluation bed as well as on required experts to interpret results.

In order to carry on its software quality continuous improvement program, BuSI also proposes the AOC as a service to the sold-to party within its customer’s project management framework. It is brought as a continuous quality control of each deliverable and as a certification of its developments. It is a solid additional proof of BuSI constant care for quality and sustainability.


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